Mission Statement

To provide, Fire Protection,

To the citizens that live, work,

Life Safety, EMS services,

And visit our response area.

Our History

The Antioch Fire Department was established in 1961. After there were several residential fires and tobacco barn fires over the last several years. During this time the closet fire departments were Kenly, Selma, and Middlesex. The first official meeting was held at Stancils Chapel School adjacent to the intersection of NC 42 and NC 222.

During this meeting several citizens offered to donate land for the site. Hinton family agreed to donate land for the fire department they decided not to call the department by its township instead call it Antioch Fire Department. The first truck bought by the department was Pumper 200 members held a fundraiser by purchasing a Farmall tractor and selling over 7,000 tickets at $1.00 each to raise money to purchase Pumper 200.

Late 1963 to Early 1964 department purchased 2 air packs and had their first radio installed to commutate with Corinth Holders and Archer Lodge. One year later in 1965 the first order of protective clothing was ordered. Over the next several years the department held fundraisers from pictures, fish fries, and selling smoke detectors all while doing this they gained volunteers that saw interest in joining the department to help their community. In the years 1987-1989 5 mile district was completed then discussion of expanding the station was needed. After several discussions and meetings they agreed on a 2 bay expansion which would double the size of the station the construction finished about a year later. 

Late 90’s through early 2000’s calls began to increase and the department still had a great community showing from the community wanting to volunteer.  Through Fundraising, tax money and grants helped purchasing several apparatus’s, radios, pagers, items in station, turnout gear, air packs, and all tools need to response to wrecks and fires. In 2015 saw a need to plan on building a new fire station through this process were many meetings discussing to build the station in a centralized location of the fire district.

In 2017 we purchased a 5 acre tract of on NC 42 Hwy. In April of 2022 the dedication ceremony was held at the new station location 10668 NC 42 Hwy Station 2 is still in operation at 8604 NC 39 Hwy. In addition to responding to medical calls and fire calls the department does several community events with Kenly, Bethany and Micro Fire departments. On average the Antioch Fire Department responds to 400 emergencies each year with Medical Calls about 60 percent of those calls.